A Mostra Geração é o segmento infanto-juvenil do Festival do Rio, o maior evento audiovisual da América Latina.

Esse ano estamos celebrando 15 anos.

São vários Programas:

O Internacional, inclui longas vindos de várias partes do planeta/do mundo com temáticas focadas nas crianças e nos jovens.

O Vídeo Fórum apresenta e debate os trabalhos produzidos por eles mesmos. É o momento de ver na tela grande a sua própria produção.

Além disso, a Mostra Geração oferece encontros especiais para educadores e diversas atividades.

Fique de olho: o Festival do Rio 2014 acontecerá entre 24 de setembro e 08 de outubro.

sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011


1. Original Title




Category: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Institutional

Synopsis of the film

Process of making the movie

3. Contacts

Producing institutions

Contact (Name of representative)





Zip code

Historical of the producing institutions

3.3 Contact of the director

Name and Age





Zip code

4. Credits

Crew (name, age and roles)


6. Agree

Yes, I have read and agree with the regulation.

Registration rules for the 2011 Vídeo Fórum Program

1) The works must be completely produced by children or teenagers.

2) Are able to participate non-college students with age under 18, since they are proven in school or any kind of educational program.

Students age 18 or under and with proof of enrollment in school or similar educational program are eligible to participate.

3) Will be accepted only works produced in 2010 or after, whose authors are plainly adapted to item number 2 (two).

Works produced in 2010 or after will be accepted. Authors must be fully in compliance to item number 2 (two).

4) The videos must be at maximum 13 minutes long, ending credits included.

The videos must have a 30-minute maximum length, final credits included.

5) The conception of the movies are open to be done in any kind, but the copy sent for subscription must be in Mini-DV format. If your school or project do not work with this kind of media, we will be accepting DVD.

The films can be captured in any format but the print for registry must be sent in Mini-DV format. If by any chance your institution does not have access to this format a DVD screener can be submitted.

5.1) Work copies

For the selection will be accepted foreigners work copies (not yet finished), in Mini-DV or DVD until Friday, August 12th. However, if the movie is selected, this copie must be exchanged for the final one in Mini-DV or DVD, at the limit date of September 12th. If not the subscription will be automatically invalidated.

5.1) Screeners.

For foreign submissions unfinished prints will be accepted until Friday, August 12th. However if the film gets selected the print must be exchanged by a final screener in Mini-DV or DVD by September 12th the latest (arrival date), otherwise the subscription will be automatically invalidated.

6) All movies will be adapted, by our crew, to be shown in Mini-DV format. In this case, to avoid some eventual loss in screening quality, we recommend that you send your films in Mini-DV along with your subscription forms.

7) Each young filmmaker is welcome to send in a maximum of five movies. A separate entry form must be filled out for each film submitted. As an example, if your sending 3 (three) films, please file 3 (three) entry forms (one for each).

7.1) Surplus by Institution

Big Institutions or the ones with many locations, must communicate between each other, because the limit of subscriptions is equal for all your classes in all your units in the same State. Any exceeding quantity allowed by regulation will be eliminated. In this case, the priority will be for the 5 (five) first movies delivered in agreement with these regulations. For example: if a determined school has two or more units in the same State, we recommend that the producers get to an internal agreement, so that all units may participate.

8) The subscription of the films must be done:

A) Throughout the Producing Institutions (Schools, NGOs, or Educational Projects), with the subscription file signed by the legal representatives.

A.1) In this case, the producer (School/NGO/project) must send school frequency assertion or a link to an educational project for all participants (under aged or not) of the film who wishes to subscribe. This assertion might be individual or collective.

B) By the filmmakers, in case of independent movies. The under aged subscribed this way must present a school frequency assertion, besides the legal representative signature on the subscription file.

8.1) There shall be an assertion of school frequency or link to educational project (collective or individual) for each subscribed movie.

9) Will not be accepted films that have been subscribed in former editions of Mostra Geração, even though they were not previously selected.

10) Every producing group must take responsibility for the attendance of all young filmmakers on the day in which their movies are exhibited.

11) The participation on the Programa Vídeo Fórum – Mostra Geração 2011, understands that the following shall be accomplished:

a) The Festival do Rio will not take responsibility for matters related to creative copyright, copyright of voice, image, soundtrack or location on the subscribed films.

b)Participating groups allow, automatically, to Mostra Geração/ Festival do Rio the right to exhibit, completely or partially of all material subscribed for publicity of Mostra Geração on the following non-commercial medias: open or paid television, cinemas, internet or any other kind of media that exists in the present or the future, without any kind of quantities limitation.

c)Participating groups allow, automatically, the reproduction / copy, completely or partially, of it’s works pot-pourri of selected movies for the 2011 edition of the Programa Vídeo Fórum. The pot-pourri will be produced by the Mostra Geração// Festival do Rio without profit and/or commercial value; and it’s selling is forbidden, to be distributed among the participants of the Vídeo Fórum 2011, to the crew of Festival do Rio, it’s sponsors and supporters.

d)The missing cases in this regulation will be decided by the trusteeship of the festival.

e)The trusteeship of Mostra Geração, is formed by high qualified professionals, recognized, nationally and internationally, for their more than 30 years of work in the fields of movies and education and the audiovisual community, by all respected and held by the directors of Festival do Rio as the most reliable, therefore , unquestionable.

We ask for the participating groups to send pictures and/or making footages of their respective productions.


The limit date for foreigners work subscriptions is August 12th.

Will not be accepted movies after these limits.

We consider a subscription to be valid when it’s received until the limit dates, with all the following accomplished:

1) The subscription file printed and signed by the legal representative, as indicated on item 8 of this regulation.

2) The school frequency assertion or attachment with educational project done in letterhead and signed by the school or educational project responsible for it, with name and age of all team.

3) The final copy of the movie subscribed preferentially in Mini-DV; or DVD, if your school or project does not work with this media and the acquisition of a Mini-DV is not possible.

3.1) A work copy in Mini-DV or DVD for exhange until 09/16, if it’s selected.


Make sure that you have filled the subscription correctively.

Remember that it must be printed and signed. (fill the form online and click “ENVIAR”, print the file e click “CONFIRMAR”).

Check if the copy you are sending is no more than 13 minutes long, credits included, if audio and footage is according to the original.

Is the assertion of school or project properly registered? Does it include the complete names of all involved team with their respective ages by the time of the shooting? Is it properly signed?

Is it according to the deadline?

So you’re ready!

Send to:


Programa Vídeo Fórum

A/c: Felicia Krumholz e/ou Bete Bullara

Rua Teresa Guimarães, 70 – Botafogo

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

CEP: 22280-050

Good luck!!!

Deadline for subscription of international movies: aug/12th

Selection disclosure: sep/8th